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Some of our trainings

Functional-Light JavaScript by Kyle Simspon

£325 + VAT

February 5th 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Styling in React & Storybook

£40 + VAT

January 22nd 6:30pm - 9:00pm

One week React, Redux & GraphQL Lisbon

£1800 + VAT

Jan 28th - Feb 4th

Some of our Coaches & Mentors

Alex Lobera

Javascript in London

Passionate about JavaScript. Loves Lean, Agile, UX, and teaching everything he learns. Currently a React and GraphQL enthusiast.

Will Voelcker

Javascript in London

Serverless specialist at LeanJS. Will is an experienced full stack developer with a passion for cutting-edge stacks.

Richard Moss

Javascript in London

JavaScript dev at LeanJS. Loves working with and helping others learn React, Redux and GraphQL.

Michaela Hercogova

Javascript in London

Front-end dev and JavaScript enthusiast committed to make things pretty and functional at the same time.

Horacio Herrera

Developer & UX in Barcelona

Designer, front-end developer and coach. He has a strong background in design and that gives him the ability to think as a designer and work fast as a developer

Luis Novella

Strategy and Agile in London

Experienced across many sectors from software to finance and energy. I help build leading companies from scratch.

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